And now, the end is here, And so I face the final curtain

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Hey there all. A little bit of Frank Sinatra on my last evening in Siem Reap. So the ISTC skills exchange draws to a close.

We spent the afternoon going over some further designs, having a bit of a recap of all the stuff we have done, and discuss various reports and figures that have all been completed and are now being used ! The website will go live next Tuesday which is very exciting and also it has been great to see the guys here embrace some of the operational changes suggested. Read the rest of this entry »

And the Exchange is coming to an end

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Well has time flown FAST!

These are the last few days of myself being in Siem Reap and a lot of the work we have done over the past week or so is not coming to a head. The website design is pretty much finalised and is the be built next week (will let you all know when it is live), the branding is out there for the first time on a poster for the Rosy Charity Raffle on Friday as well as confirmed designs for some paper based literature (done by Laurence at umi Marketing). Read the rest of this entry »

Hotel School in Siem Reap

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Well another inspiring day seeing what people do here and the Sala Bai Hotel School was no different ( .

I first went there for lunch and had a lovely two course Asian inspired meal cooked and served by students. Delicious , well presented and served with a great big Khmer smile!

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Morning visiting some amazing Charities

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Hey guys. After a busy day of training and some design finalising in the evening, I spent the morning going around the further two charities that the Rosy Guesthouse support.

The first place I visited the the Trailblazer HQ (have explained about them in previous blogs and their website is ). Read the rest of this entry »

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