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Whilst travelling around the globe, Steve experienced cultures that offered a welcome and service unparalleled to anything he had experienced in the UK, and at a fraction of the cost. He came to realise that comfort and desire to please are core values every hotel should possess; yet, it was difficult to find a reliable 3 star hotel company that could consistently offer all these qualities.

After Steve established a successful hostel with the values of fun-loving, unique, lively and value, he set out to redefine the Hotel industry. There existed a large void between 3 star hotels and 5 star hotels, both in service and in price. The generic 5 stars were bland and lacked character, and 3 stars were either hit or miss. Steve’s vision for the Hotel industry was directed at addressing this frustrating situation.

It was time to for 3 star hotels to shed their traditional stereotypes and to design a hotel that stood for value and service, with a strong sense of identity and a soul and a passion for exceptional hospitality…Welcome to umi Hotels!

umi Hotels is currently seeking new locations to partner with, either as a marketing agreement or a management agreement. Please email Steve on if you are interested, or find more information about the three umi Hotel locations (London, Brighton and Moscow) and umi’s achievements at

Or Check out the individual websites of each hotel ; London – , Brighton – or Moscow

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