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Hey there all. A little bit of Frank Sinatra on my last evening in Siem Reap. So the ISTC skills exchange draws to a close.

We spent the afternoon going over some further designs, having a bit of a recap of all the stuff we have done, and discuss various reports and figures that have all been completed and are now being used ! The website will go live next Tuesday which is very exciting and also it has been great to see the guys here embrace some of the operational changes suggested. I think a lot has been achieved in a very short period of time and am looking forward to hearing from the guys over the next few months to see how the changes have worked and if it has helped the business.

Check out the new Rosy Flyer Design

In the evening I went with the Rosy resident tuk-tuk driver Chantha (who impressively has a website ) to a local BBQ restaurant where I was presented with a buffet of raw meats and fish and then filled up and cooked them on a strange stock and grill combination. Check out the photos on the link here .

I will blog a bit of a summary tomorrow and after that, the next time you will hear from me I will be in London (for a few weeks at least!).

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