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Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of contact. It has been a C R A Z Y few weeks and am just getting time to write you this.
What has happened in the past few weeks? Well loads?
What have i learnt? Well it is important to keep a diary.

The interns projects are going great guns and they are all putting in a real effort. One of the first umi Marketing projects …. OZ 3 LED (check out ) has a holding page live and brand completed and there should be some more new sites coming on board in the next few weeks which I will keep you posted of.

The word of Google is going through another shift and we are holding or breaths waiting to see how it will affect things and also have been to a very interesting show at Earls Court today ( the Technology for Marketing show) which definitely gave me some new ideas.

The Book it With engine is going to go through a back end overhaul in the next few weeks which is exciting and hope to bring you updates on that.

I will be in Berlin all next week, attending two shows, the IHIF (International Hotel Investment Forum) and ITB Berlin (MASSIVE travel show) that i hope will bring both business and knowledge to help drive things forward.

As ever, should you need any of the service that my companies offer or just fancy a bit of banter on email… please do not hesitate to contact me on .

From a slightly nippy London.


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