Sunrise over Angkor Wat and Week 2 of the ISTC Skills Exchange

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Morning all. By the time you read this it will be morning in Europe, middle of the night in the States and Afternoon here.

My Monday started very early… 445am to be precise to go and see the sunrise over the beautiful Angkor Wat. From my travels at the age of 22, this was one of my most memorable experiences and the experience this time didn’t¬†disappoint. Although I shared it with many more people than last, the clear skies, the silence (apart from the slight chatter and clicking cameras) is something that is very special. As the sun rises and you slowly adjust your eyes to see the¬†silhouette of the great Angkor Wat it is truly magical. I hope my photos below show some of the magic as annoyingly, my camera ran out of juice near the end of the sunrise so had to do the rest on my phone.

On the Skills Exchange front, we are going to sit down shortly and go through some of the plan which today will be training other key members and also online and offline advertising as well as some more SEO (search engine optimisation) knowledge. I will also sit with some of the front line Khmer staff to give them a little overview of the industry and some of the other things already taught such as basic SEO and yielding etc.

Will update you on how that all goes later today!

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