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Well Hello all and here is the latest update on the ISTC Skills Exchange (in case you haven’t seen the exchange blog check it out here ).

Today was accounting day … and before I hear you all boo…. there was not an accountant in sight. Rachel and I sat down for run through of their figures, rate strategy and also procedures. We also looked through forecasting and once various initiatives are put in place over the next few days we will then look at doing an informal budget and go through the process that is associated with that. We brain stormed over procedures, and was very open to realise that what may work in the UK or Europe may not always work in a different working environment but we definitely made headway in making the the processes here more efficient and affective whilst keeping what is already a fantastically friendly service.

After a nibble on fish and rice for lunch, Simon, Rachel and I sat down to start Rosy’s on the “Twitter” road. After a little bit of an explanation about @ signs and # tags the guys were eager to get going with their new marketing toy. They are now live on @rosyguesthouse . So if you can, follow them and welcome them to the world of  Twitter.

We then looked behind the bar and reception at a few other accounting procedures which left us getting to late afternoon.

After trying to go for a jog ( i lasted 20 mins and only ran 3.5km!) in the 430pm heat (about 32C!!!) i came back and headed to a Cambodian Arts & Crafts Fair that was taking place in the Royal Palace Gardens, over the road from the Rosy Guesthouse. What a lovely environment it was and not only bought some lovely local tea, honey , “smellies” (candles) and tiger balm, but watched on at a demonstration on how they make silk scarves which was extremely interesting. I took the edge off the afternoon with a local beer and some local snack at the fair which were absolutely delicious! Check out some of the pics from my afternoon at the  Cambodian Craft Fair!

Late yesterday, I also met the second of the charities that Rosy Guesthouse support. Another amazing initiative that help provide remote Cambodian villages with clean filtered water. The couple I met, Scott & Chris, implement the charity that is known as the Trailblazer Foundation ( ) . Please check out their website as they are another couple of people, really helping those less fortunate and making a big difference to those peoples (children in particular) lives.

The TrailBlazer Foundation

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