Here are some Brighton Marathon Pics

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Hey guys please see here a few of the Brighton Marathon Photo from last week. As you can see it was a lovely sunny but very hot day in Brighton and there were loads of people out supporting all the runners which was fab. You can also see on the side of the page the charity widget with what we have raised so far. You can still donate through the widget!

Thanks for all those that supported and hope you like the pictures

Brighton Marathon I did it whoop whoop

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Well to cut a long story short. I did it. It was hot, my body still hurts 4 days on but I loved the experience of the 26.2 miles running around the city of Brighton. I would love to say I loved every moment , that would just not be true, but 95% of the journey felt great. I finished ain a reasonable time of 4hr 41 mins which is not bad considering the injuries I have had and the 24c heat ( I have a tan a look like I have been on holiday!) I will post some photos of the day later. Thanks go out to all of you that sponsored me … We have raised more than £1500 for Epilepsy Action which is just fantastic. They are a great charity and I urge you to raise some fund for them as the people that suffer from Epilepsy find their services amazingly helpful ( ).
Just back from Moscow which was great and will update you on a few other things later this week including a guest post from our intern Lucas who will be doing an Americans Guide to London!!

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