Brighton Marathon I did it whoop whoop

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Well to cut a long story short. I did it. It was hot, my body still hurts 4 days on but I loved the experience of the 26.2 miles running around the city of Brighton. I would love to say I loved every moment , that would just not be true, but 95% of the journey felt great. I finished ain a reasonable time of 4hr 41 mins which is not bad considering the injuries I have had and the 24c heat ( I have a tan a look like I have been on holiday!) I will post some photos of the day later. Thanks go out to all of you that sponsored me … We have raised more than £1500 for Epilepsy Action which is just fantastic. They are a great charity and I urge you to raise some fund for them as the people that suffer from Epilepsy find their services amazingly helpful ( ).
Just back from Moscow which was great and will update you on a few other things later this week including a guest post from our intern Lucas who will be doing an Americans Guide to London!!

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